Zero-Perm T-1004

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manufacturing processing etching fluoropolymer resins: PTFE FEP PFA ETFE - Gainesville Florida

Fluorotech, Inc specializes in the manufacturing, processing and etching of fluoropolymer resins such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE. Since 1997, Fluorotech has helped hundreds of customers with their most critical applications. Our thin-film fluoropolymers offer proven chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, superior flex-life, zero permeation and high tensile strength.

Do you need Medical Devices or Catheters Etched?

manufacturing catheters and implantable medical devices - Gainesville Florida Devices such as catheters and implantable medical devices often require etching sometime during the manufacturing cycle. Fluorotech is a virtically integrated provider of outsourced etching and secondary manufacturing processes for the catheter manufacturing indrustry. With years of experience in the etching of fluoropolymers used in the bio-medical field Fluorotech can develop innovative solutions to increase yield, and lower production cost. Many medical device manufacturers find it is more cost effective to “outsource” the etching process or Fluorotech’s experienced and trained staff.

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