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Often medical device manufactures don't have the time or expertise to do their own etching in-house. Fluorotech can solve that problem. We work directly with the manufacturer as a vertically integrated provider of etching and other secondary operations. The manufacturer and Fluorotech develop the necessary QC and packaging protocols to assure perfectly bondable surfaces, and fast turnaround. In addition to etching Fluorotech often does other secondary operations such as necking, flaring, and pre-curving which result in additional time and money savings for the manufacturer.

Delivery and pricing are dependent upon the type of service, as well as the volume of parts to be processed. Please contact us for a quote.

When requesting a quotation for Contract Etching, please provide as much of the following information as possible. Attach a drawing if available or send separately. List each item on a separate request. Feel free to phone or email us to explain any additional details or special circumstances.

  • Brief description of item
  • Part number of other identifier
  • Method of packaging
  • Method of shipment
  • All dimensions
  • Composition of material
  • Number of parts (volume)
  • Frequency of required delivery (e.g. weekly, monthly)
  • Special considerations
    (e.g. must be etched on one side or I.D. only/O.D. only)
  • Secondary chemistry (Will be bonded, primed, ect)
  • Special re-packaging requirements
  • Method of return shipments
  • Requested secondary operations

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